Focus on trends


It’s time to switch off the noise and drown out the negative vibes. To create space for compassion and kindness, truth and transparency. A colourful mish-mash of cultural influences ignites our sense of community and kinship helping us to renew our faith in one another and the world around us.


It’s the simple pleasures that remind us that life need not be so complicated. The familiar comfort of a cup of tea, the warm kiss of the sun on your face - beauty can exist in the most humble and quietest of moments. Showy status symbols begin to lose their shine, replaced by the Nordic tradition of Hygge.


Pack your suitcase, don your tropical prints and get ready for a holiday to remember. Dream destinations are just a plane ride away. Adventure and discovery hover on the horizon and as our imagination takes flight, we find excitement and escape in the most unexpected of places.


The age of intelligence may be upon us, but our romance with the past lives on. As smart technology re-shapes our lives, we take the opportunity to reflect on the design icons of our past. Visiting history’s best moments with fresh eyes, we borrow from the legacies of our luminaries to refashion our future.