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On behalf of Art Directors Club of Europe in 2018 Patrizia will mentor to professionals in the Creative Incubator of Pi-school with the objective to identify the top problems that can be solved by creatives and that affect the creative industry, so to generate new business and organizational models for it.

What is Creative Incubator?

Creative Incubator is a unique programme designed by Pi School in collaboration with The Art Directors Club of Europe, the most prestigious institution which promotes European creativity by showcasing the best of advertising and design.

Creative Incubator has been architected as a hackathon of creativity! The programme is a configuration of three workshops, approaching top and most urgent challenges of the Advertising and design industry. Participants ideate and produce concepts, generate models and strategic solutions and provide the Creative Industry with hands on and applicable recipes, to be equipped to face their current and future challenges.

The programme is considering field work and Data driven analyses in between the three individual modules, each taking place in 3 different European cities. This is a merge of the learning process, research and analyses, workshops, labs, mentorship and lectures as well as consultative approach to the gathered problems of the advertising and design industry.

Areas of focus

This programme looks at the various triggers that are currently generating deep transformations within the Communication Industry. We respond to questions such as “where is the industry heading?”, “What are the necessary updates and changes agencies need to make in order to stay ahead of the curve?”, “How can agencies interact with technology such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?”, “How can they embrace integrative, consultative, solution driven or data driven concepts?” and “ How does the need of our clients and their consumers drives the questions above?”.

The programme incubates participants’ ideate and concepts. It provides space for debating and test-run of the different solutions and generates models to redesign the creative industry.

  • FIRST MODULE Rome, 1-3 March 2018
  • SECOND MODULE Barcelona, 10-12 May 2018
  • THIRD MODULE Berlin, 6-8 September 2018

    Cos’è Creative Incubator?

    Creative Incubator è un programma unico disegnato da Pi School in collaborazione con The Art Directors Club of Europe, che promuove la creatività europea.

    Pensato come un hackathon di creatività,  il programma è strutturato su tre workshop, in cui si lavora sulle sfide più importanti e più rilevanti dell’industria creativa. I partecipanti generano concetti, idee, modelli e soluzioni strategiche e forniscono all’industria creativa strumenti applicabili, per affrontare le sfide attuali e future.

    Il programma parte da analisi sul campo e analisi basate sui dati generati dai tre moduli individuali, ciascuno dei quali si svolge in 3 diverse città europee. Un’unione del processo di apprendimento, ricerca e analisi, workshop, laboratori, tutoraggio e conferenze, nonché un approccio di consulenza ai problemi delle industrie creative


    Questo programma esamina i vari trigger che attualmente generano profonde trasformazioni all’interno dell’Industria della comunicazione. Rispondiamo a domande come “Dove si trova l’industria creativa oggi?”, “Come devono cambiare i modelli di agenzia per rimanere all’avanguardia?”, “Come possono le agenzie interagire con la tecnologia come l’intelligenza artificiale o Machine Learning? “, ” Come possono abbracciare concetti integrativi, di consulenza, orientati alla soluzione o basati su dati? ” E ” In che modo il bisogno dei nostri clienti e dei loro consumatori guida queste domande? “.+

  • PRIMO MODULO Roma, 1-3 Marzo 2018
  • SECONDO MODULO Barcellona, 10-12 Maggio 2018
  • TERZO MODULO Berlino, 6-8 Settembre 2018