Kinetic creativity is a learning and strategic approach that involves a dynamic environment in which participants engage in tasks, sharing opinions, giving feedback, and reevaluating ideas, if needed. 

Table tennis is a great analogy for this learning experience…you have to serve, volley, rally and complete a game, switch sides, confer with referees on what’s appropriate or not for a point. The same could be said for inspiration, idea generation, researching, testing, prototyping, putting it out there, and assessing its impact. Depending on the trajectory of any ball that comes our way, we assess, or reassess how best to respond, always keeping our goal in mind. Dreams don’t materialize until you get in the game and rally.

Kinetic creativity workshops will help you sharpen your strategic capabilities, to keep your eye on the ball (your objective), focus your inspiration, follow your trajectory (or trajectories), and feel comfortable with being open and aware of how you participate, and transform your inspiration to ideas to application.