Future Thinking, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Personal Growth

Illustration by Marcella Peluffo

Creativity, imagination & love

What took me here

25 years in advertising

Working as an art director and creative director at McCann Erickson, from 1988 to 2012, focusing my creative work on retail, food, and entertainment.

8 years in branding

Strategic Creative Director at Angelini Design from 2012 to 2019
developing creativity and strategy for brands for international markets mainly on fashion, food, luxury and retail.

5 years in the translation industry

Brand & Creative VP at Translated,  building the first brand of the translation industry from scratch, and designing communication and brand strategies for the company. 

Trend and Research

In 2021, I founded Trend Alchemy,
a trend lab where we identify consumer trends and write future narratives able to spark imagination and drive strategic thinking.

Creative education

I have been teaching for 20 years, in 2016 and 2017 I was Coordinator of The Communication School at IED Rome. I’m a Creative Personal Branding Certified Coach.

Creative associations

I have been a board member of the ADCI, the Art Directors Club of Italy, and ADCE, the Art Directors Club of Europe with a focus on Creative Education.

Creative Programs

Customized programs designed to assist creative individuals and teams in embracing innovation and change.

Creative Mentorship Program

  • To encourage creative teams to embrace novel ideas.
  • For businesses aiming to concentrate on imaginative endeavors capable of sparking innovation.
  • For students aspiring to develop into creative strategists.

Creative Personal Growth Program

  • For individuals seeking to transition their careers.
  • For teams aspiring to evolve into a creatively collaborative unit.
  • For students looking to redirect their learning trajectory.

Future Thinking

  • Igniting creativity and innovation.
  • Guiding individuals through potential future scenarios.
  • Embarking on innovation voyages for brands.

“I knew she was a certified CPB coach and an amazing strategist, which for me translated as: the
perfect partner in crime!”

Dalia Poleac

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