ADCE 2023 Creativity Report

By bringing together award-winning work from across the continent, the competition underscores the value of cultural exchange and collaboration.


Rather than oversimplifying or undermining creative quality for global appeal, this approach sheds light on the distinctive cultural attributes of different countries. While judges may have missed certain nuances in the awarded works, the ensuing discussion on languages, uniqueness and the value of local creativity has significantly enriched this overarching theme.

Brands have become integral to communities, assuming roles traditionally held by governments. Generation Z actively participates in collective action, forming alliances to pursue shared goals. In their quest to resonate with this generation, brands are embracing activism, taking a bold stance and committing to drive meaningful change. 


Recent events, such as the return of war to Europe, have spurred initiatives addressing social issues with a blend of wit, satire and intelligence. Despite the perceived decline of traditional mediums, brands strategically using print and billboards continue to wield significant influence. 

Selecting Fandoms as strategic hubs for engaging with niche communities fosters innovation and convergence across diverse sectors, including fashion, food, beauty, sports and retail. 


The human experience takes centre stage in creative endeavours, emphasizing inclusivity and projects tailored to individuals with disabilities. 

Artificial intelligence is envisaged as an experimental platform shaping new creative paradigms in synergy with the creative community. This fusion of technology and human ingenuity unlocks exciting possibilities for the future, paving the way for exploring new horizons in the ever-evolving landscape.

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ADCE is excited to announce its first Trend Report, based on an analysis of nearly a thousand projects submitted to the “Best of European Design and Advertising” ADCE Awards 2023.

Trend and creativity expert, Patrizia Boglione, presents seven trends that are set to shape the European visual communication landscape.